Decorating Cards for the Troops

Last year, my friends and I had fun with a holiday Sharpie decorating party.

This year, we put our Sharpies to good use. After hearing about Operation Gratitude at this year’s Women’s Conference, I went online to see how I could help too. It turns out the program needs hand written and personalized letters to the troops. So, we got together at my place over some champagne and music to write and decorate a few cards. What better way to be gear up for Thanksgiving by giving thanks?

Take at look at this inspiring video about the woman founder and the program:

Here are just some of the 30 pretty cards that we created. I wonder who did the Mickey one?


  1. if everyone took a little time during this holiday and gave some thought to do something nice to show our support for the troops, this country would even be stronger. Thanks Tara for being a good example.

    Anne Webb

  2. A beautiful and inspiring video.
    Nice that you are contributing.

  3. Thanks for organizing Tara. So much fun and rewarding.