Exclusive Havaianas Midnight Swim Club

Havaianas flip flops has had a series of secret Midnight Swim Club events in LA this summer. The first event was held at the home of Hollywood stars David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette. Although I wasn't lucky enough to attend that one (I wish!), however, I did go to one this weekend at a private residence in Hancock Park that's currently on the market for just $7 Million!

The mansion had a private pool in the backyard with colored flip flops dangling above it, which I thought would be a fun decorative idea for any summer party or BBQ. Take a look:

My friends and I were given our own pair of Havaianas, which I put on, while Raphael displayed his in his back pockets, causing me and the event's photographer to snap photos of his backside, lol:

I also was able to have my pair bedazzled with two red heart gems punched into the strap via the press they had setup in a tent along with different charms to pick from.

We hung out for awhile swaying to the DJ, kicking back some blue jello shots and Crumbs cupcakes. We even ran into blogging friend Recessionista. Overall, it was one of those fun summer parties that could only happen in L.A., good times.

Over the next few months, Havaianas will roll out a variety of Midnight Swim Club activities, contests and giveaways on their Facebook and twitter. They are asking fans to host their own Midnight Swim Party and post a picture on their Facebook or twitter page and tagging it #midnightswimclub. Each week, the best photo will be announced and the fan or follower will receive a limited edition pair of Havaianas Midnight Swim Club flip-flops, which is the only place these flip-flops are available.


  1. um. what? this looks like so much fun. i love it. and clearly i live in sandals, i need to get in on this flip flop action, haha.

  2. I love my Havi's (black slim strap with a crystal). You get so much great stuff from all the events you go to - I wonder where you keep it all!

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