Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

With summer here, I'll be buying t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and summer dresses, but I also like to take the change in seasons to spruce up my makeup wardrobe as well. Goodbye mattes and dark winter colors, hello glossy, bright and sparkle! Below are my top 5 summer beauty must haves for Summer 2010:
  1. ShineBlast Lip Gloss with 16 shimmering shades to choose from you'll surely find one to deliver a brilliant, glossy finish and perfectly polished pout. This added summer sparkle also tastes yummy too, not that I'd recommend eating it, lol, but it's still tastes good when smacking your lips and it's not sticky or heavy feeling like some glosses can be. It's also tiny enough to fit in a small summer clutch and I know this is corny, but I even feel more fun and confident with the powerful shine on. Each gloss from COVERGIRL costs $7.49.
  2. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ With summer of course comes the sun, which is great for the vitamin d and outdoor activities, but bad for the skin. In fact, besides the harmful health side effects, UV rays can speed up the visible signs of chronological aging, thus the another reason for sunscreen. However, high-protection sunblock formulas can also be quite thick, heavy on the skin, interfering with your daily makeup or grooming routine. They’re great for the outdoors—not ideal for the office, which is why I hate applying sunscreen to my face during the week. With Kiehl's Defense though the formula features five sunscreens and is light, oil and fragrance free and leaves no visible residue on skin. To activate the ingredients though, shake before applying. You can purchase a bottle for the summer for $32.00 at or at their Santa Monica (1516 Montana Ave) or Beverly Hills (100 N. Robertson Blvd) stores.
  3. Another way to protect your skin outside of sun block is with Farmaesthetics Cool Aloe Mist, which is a Beach Bag Must-have for summer. This spray is a multi-purpose product to restore and protect skin by helping to cool you down when you've had too much sun exposure since nothing heals or relieves inflamed tissue better than Aloe. The lavender oil in this product also helps to take down the inflammation, while aloe vera reduces the dehydration, and the bergamot oil disinfects. It's also good for a spritz after a workout or to put on before applying makeup. The 4 oz cobalt blue apothecary bottle with fine mist sprayer costs $19.
  4. Polly Foot Primer is the ultimate summer solution to high heel summer shoes and also sandals that sometimes rub in funny places. Basically, it's an invisible primer that reduces friction between you and your favorite shoes. You can apply the lip balm like stick to the tops of your toes, sides of your shoes or back of your heels as often as needed. My feet are ultra sensitive and most of my cute summer shoes end up rubbing my heels and leaving red marks, but luckily I have found that putting on this balm helps act as a light barrier though. I've now kept to storing the veneer at my desk at work. Polly is available at Fred Segal for $15 and other specialty stores as well as online at for $17.
  5. Smoky ShadowBlast Eye Color is a two-step system for creating that smokey eye look of makeup artists, but with vibrant color coordinated shades like bronze, citrus flair, plum, a silvery blue and more. One side of the double-ended stick is soft and rounded to shade your eyelid as a base, while the other side and color is thin and angled to accurately apply liner. Best of all, I like the color lift that it provides and the shiny and bright summer look. Also, $7.49 each and from COVERGIRL.

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  1. Or you can just get a Tara, and then you get beauty without spending a dime. :)