Going Second Base with The Bachelor

Despite the title, it's nothing scandalous. The other week, I attended a Second Base trunk show and screening of The Bachelor Wedding. Second Base camis were also the participating sponsor at Jason and Molly's official wedding gift bag, thus the viewing party and shopping event. Oh, and special guest Meredith Phillips (Season 2's Bachelorette) was also the party.

I've been using their chocolate colored "Meredith" style demi-cami ($29) under one of my lower cut criss-cross jersey dresses for awhile now. The material is really soft, unlike those tight camis with built in bras and they aren't full-length so it won't rollup to give you an extra bump or wrinkle near your tummy either. What I like most of all though is that they turn my more casual evening wear into more appropriate tops or dresses for work without being too revealing.

My friend Nicki (below) who attended the event with me bought two of their camis and said that she likes that they will help her add 10 more items to her work wardrobe. Here is just one of them:
Party guests had recieved 20% off Second Base camis, but so can my readers, if you use the coupon code TARA at checkout for 20% off your order now through April. Enjoy!


  1. Nikki looks great! Thanks so much for attending and writing about Second Base!!


  2. Your friend is so cute!
    I'm petite so I find anything remotely low-cut needs a cami ... but what I really need is something lightweight enough that it doesn't add too much warmth for summer dresses in Australia!
    Still, points for someone making shorter cami's that don't roll up!

  3. Julia, the camis are actually really light weight and breathable, forgot to mention that too :)

  4. What a great idea! I agree with Nikki, I could wear so many other work clothes with this.