My L.A. Traffic Story

While brianstorming with my friends over some boba drinks and udon soup at Westwood's Noodle Planet, we came up with the idea for my most recent Huffington Post article about LA Traffic Tips and Shortcuts. We figured it's a topic that everyone out here could get behind or at least relate to and if I could then offer some useful tips for commuters, then all the better. \

To get some real advice, I then turned to the local traffic reporters at KTLA and NPR (both female!) for some trends, tips and secrets for not getting stuck in the infamous LA gridlock. Both were very sweet and were kind enough to provide some expertise ... read on.

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  1. I'm loving you Huffington Post blogs, and I don't even live in L.A., lol. I would HATE to be stuck in that traffic. I have no patience for sitting in traffic.