Sharpie Make Your Own Holiday Gifts party

The makers of Sharpie kindly sent me a several kits with instructions on how to make some fun holiday gifts/decorations for those on my list this year. So, I decided to make a party out of it and invited a couple of friends over, all of which are more crafty than me. We sipped wine and champagne cocktails (sparkling wine with Chamboard), played holiday music and of course Sharpie'd different objects!

My favorite hoilday Sharpie craft was decorating some blank Christmas balls with Sharpie markers, which is both cost effective and easy enough. It was also amzing to see what everyone came up with. I drew silver snowflakes on my red ornament and the year. It's only the end of 2009, yet for some reason I stupidly wrote 2008, grr. Personally, I blame the yummy Kim Crawford Wines! I was able to salvage my ornament though by going over the number in a red Shapie and re-writing the 9.

My friend Sarah made her blue sphere into an amazing globe (I doubt I'd even be able to draw the outline of all the countries on a piece of paper never mind on a frosted ornament like she did). Another girlfriend made her pink ornament into a chic plaid print, another wrote fun holiday words like joy, love celebrate, etc on hers and another turned hers into a zebra print. I wanted to keep them all! Here they are all together:

Next, we Shapie'd some white t-shirts and here is where my artist friend Zendi stole the show with her strategically placed cupcakes, lol.

While Nicki went for an I Heart NY style tee and also decorated a blank cardboard heart box that she brought with her.

We Sharpie'd picture frames in both black and white too. I chose black though and used it to decorate a Vegas weekend pic that I had from 2006:

I also Shapie'd a pink stocking for my cat, which she approved of with a sniff.

Lastly, some friends decorated champagne flutes with holiday Shapie flair as well:

As you can see, I'm not the greatest craftster, but it was easy to make these Sharpie inspired gifts and yet still be proud of the result. It's also not as messy or expensive as some crafts and not as time intensive as scrapbooking either. In fact, we enjoyed this girls-only party so much that I'm hoping to make this an annual party. For more Shapie holiday craft ideas click HERE!

Disclaimer: I received Shaprie product and items to Sharpie for this party. Also, Sharpie is a Weber Shandwick Chicago client, but I'm not affiliated with the account.


  1. The event was so much fun!! I love my new collection of Sharpies and have even shared them with a few (enthusiastic) friends. My boyfriend loved the "I <3 Patrick" shirt that I wore home from the party. Thank you for hosting!

  2. Awesome party! Thanks so much for the invite, I had a blast AND got to go home with some colorful sharpies! I am now using them to write TO/FROM on my Christmas gifts. Thanks again!

  3. sharpies are totally <3 worthy.

    Sounds like the party was a blast! :)

  4. It was such a great night! I love arts and crafts and it was so much fun making gifts and decorations to get into the holiday spirit. Thanks Tara and thanks Sharpie!

  5. okay that just looks like so much fun, love how cool that is.

  6. We did that for Keston -- took a silver ball and used a blue Sharpie to make him a custom, 1st year ball. It's cute and it matches our tree perfectly.

  7. You know how much I freaking LOOOOVE Sharpie, especially the double-sided markers. So genius! They've also sponsored the Disney World Marathon with cool mile markers.

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome party. Love my Sharpie loot!

  8. Thank you so much Tara. I had a blast making the cupcake shirt. I am sharing my sharpies with my newphews to make christmas decorations at home. We love Sharpies!

  9. Ahhhhhh I LOVE Sharpies. I've been sharing mine with friends and writing on everything. hahah I had a blast at the party thanks for hosting. Can't wait to do it again next year. *fingers crossed* :)

  10. It was so fun hanging out with the girls and enjoying all the wonderful appetizers and drinks Tara made. The Sharpie kit really brought out our artistic/creative side some of us didn't think we had. My boyfriend, Donnie, loved the Detroit Tiger's Christmas stocking I made him. He wants to bring it with him to his mom's in Detroit where we will be spending Christmas. He even requested a Sharpie pack for his stocking.