The new Domino's pizza?

You may have read about Domino's Pizza delivering a change in its core pizza recipe, well if not FYI they changed their pizza recipe. Since today only a few of us are in the office working the grave yard holiday shift. I ordered some pies for my colleagues and I to "review." I did NOT receive these pizzas for free, but I have been in touch with their PR department to discuss the differences in their new recipe and received the following information.
Domino’s CMO Patrick Doyle wrote:
The fact is, we love our pizza, but as times change, so do consumer tastes,”said Russell Weiner, Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’ve created a pizza to reflect what consumers are looking for. We’re not talking about a slightly-altered version of our previous pizza. It’s a completely new pizza reinvented from the crust up, and we are proud of it. To us, it’s as big as McDonald’s changing the Big Mac, or Burger King reinventing the Whopper. We spent the last 18 months reinventing the brand in anticipation of our 50th anniversary.”
What's changed? There is a new crust (seasoned with butter, garlic and parsley). New cheese (100% real mozzarella shredded instead of diced mozzarella, with a hint of provolone). New sauce (sweeter, with a red pepper kick). The recipe apparently was created during a two-year process, where dozens of cheeses, 15 sauces and 50 crust seasoning blends were consumer tested for this newer product.

The new crust is not as spongy as I remember, but I expected the crust to be more garlic flavored though like their pasta bread bowls, which is what I typically order when having Domino's. Most of us noticed that the sauce was spicier and that the cheese was thicker and more tasty. However, some could not tell the difference and all thought it still tasted very "dominos-y."

Another thing I want to point out is that I love ordering via their new online ordering system. It even tracks the process of your order as it's being prepped, baked and then delivered. I had a way too much fun watching this tracker, lol. I also like how it pulled in social sharing tools like "Share on Facebook" button, which then displays your order on your Facebook wall.

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  1. I really like what your doing with your blog. I like the personal approach you took, writing articles that are interesting to you, making it interesting to others. Your layout is art as well. Keep up the good work :)

    -Maurizio Maranghi

  2. You had me right up to "pasta bread bowls, which is what I normally order...".

    You're the first person I've ever heard admit they order that carb bomb. Sorry to whizz on your culinary parade, but hopefully the following information will help you consider a less destructive menu item.

    * Pasta Primavera: 670 calories per serving (1,340 for entire meal)

    * Chicken Alfredo: 700 calories per serving (1,400 for entire meal)

    * Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese: 730 calories per serving (1,460 for entire meal)

    * Italian Sausage Marinara: 730 calories per serving (1,460 for entire meal)

    * Chicken Carbonara: 740 calories per serving (1,480 for entire meal)

    Again, not trying to put you down, but that's more than a whole day's caloric intake for something that's (in the big food scheme of things) rather mediocre.

    Just sayin'.

  3. Pizza... I'll miss eating that. :-/ At least for the next half year!

  4. Bradley, yeah but it's still good and It's not like I order it every night anyway, lucky if I have it once a month. However, thanks for giving me something to consider in the future.

  5. Having to order pizza and pasta from Domino's... that's what happens when you leave New York... ;-)

  6. This is really interesting, my inlaws ordered Domino's pizza the other night and though it tasted decent my husband and I both commented later that it didn't taste how we remembered. Duh, now I know why. I miss the old crust :(

  7. This sounds really interesting that Domino's is bringing out new things for its customers. Cheers!

  8. at Dominos believe the more the better! So we feel two is better than one, and three is better than two. In this 3rd quarter of the year 2011, we decided to pay our respects to the number 3 with our all new 3 cheese pizza! Rich with the goodness of Gouda and Cheddar cheese along with the heavenly mozzarella, the all new Domino’s 3cheese pizza is indulgence extraordinaire!! Nobody understands cheese lovers better than us!!