Best of LA Cupcakes Tour with Chevy

On Saturday, my L.A. Cupcakes MeetUp group was made more mobile thanks to Chevrolet, which provided a group of 17 of us with four roomy fuel-efficient 2010 Equinox crossovers and a hot Bumble Bee Camaro, Transformers edition to go on a cupcake tour of the city. Usually my group can only go to one place each meetup, so this cupcake marathon was a new fun experience. For the tour, chose four cupcake shops in Los Angeles to visit -- Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills, Sprinkles, Susiecakes, Vanilla Bake Shop.

Unfortunately, the tour landed on one of the rare days it chose to rain in Los Angeles, but it didn't stop us. Instead, it just gave me a reason to don my knitted cupcake hat that I bought on etsy.

Harley, the owner of Crumbs met us at his store and charmed everyone with his visit and HUGE cupcakes. My favorite has always been their Raspberry Swirl, but was also introduced to their Pistachio, which I didn't think I'd like but the almond extract totally wooed me over. Everyone thought it was the friendliest of all the shops and most chose it as their favorite cupcake too.
We then walked two blocks down from Crumbs to the famous Sprinkles, which I've never thought was worth the hype, line or attitude. As one member in the group said "Sprinkles was forgettable." I find their cake dry and their flavors run-of-the-mill.

Next was SusieCakes, where I always eat their Strawberry cupcake, which tastes like strawberry shortcake, but also had a holiday Gingerbread cupcake special that people enjoyed.

Lastly, we went to Vanilla Bake Shop, which I usually like their red velvet, but selected their Key Lime Pie, which unfortunately was pretty hard and cold as if it was refrigerated prior. We were also told not to take pictures inside the store, which was pretty deflating to our camera happy group, they also told us pretty rudely. It's not like we were taking photos of some top secret bomb after all. Whatever.

My friend Kathleen and I used two flip cams to record our journey in the Chevy vehicles to the cupcakeries. Take a look:

You can follow future Chevy Best of Tours on twitter - @bestoftours. You can read more from Pretty Sandy Feet and Happy Go Marni.


  1. this totally made me want the pistachio and coconut cupacakes...and since you asked - i would take the Equinox for a tour of the Pacific Northwest - Portland, Seattle and Vancouver!

  2. My co-worker just saw the Equinox at the LA Auto show and decided to purchase one. He wants to buy American this year. I wonder if that's the direction of the mainstream in this day and age?

  3. i had so much fun, thanks again for the invite! and seriously i think i just loved all the cupcakes, i still have some at home, so tasty.

  4. Sounds like Vanilla Bake Shop forgot to send themselves to Social Marketing 101. A pity.

    Despite that, looks like you had a very fun time and hey, free rides? Sweet. Literally. :)

  5. I always tell people Crumbs is better than Sprinkles... way better!

    How do you get on the cupcake meetup newsletter?

  6. Um jealous. When I come visit LA let's do that all over again.

    Now to make plans to visit LA!

  7. Wow that sounded like so so much fun and a really yummy adventure.

  8. Hey SIL love the cupcake hat! Looks like you all had lots of fun !!

  9. Best cupcakes I have ever had...Georgetown Cupcakes in Georgetown...just outside of DC.

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