Badges of Honor

Our floor's layout at work is being reorganized. As a result, I had to move offices, which thankfully forced me to throw away a lot of junk that I've collected from different clients and events over the last two years here.

One novelty item I had collected were the admission badges from the different media events that I've attended as either press or staff. I used to hang them from a hook, but it soon became too heavy that another hook had to be added. Now, I'm finally letting go of these badges of honor and tossing them into the garbage. I did keep a few of my favorites though (Tribeca Film Festival, The Grammy's, I Love You Man premiere). Take a look:
My new office doesn't have any windows, but I'm psyched to have the private space as it's so much easier to concentrate. The only bad thing is that this particular office smells like a smelly gym bag. I brought in a vanilla reed diffuser and even sprayed some DEMETER Laundromat fragrance. Yet, each time I walk into the room I smell an icky locker room that merely sprayed with a vanilla laundry perfume. Hopefully it will eventually air out.