Come tweet with me, twitter tutorial

This coming Monday I'm going to be providing a twitter tutorial with the awesome people at BlogOutLoud. If you're still confused by twitter, tweets and want tips on how to grow your twitter following, definitely RSVP to this event. I'm preparing a deck with some ideas, but am most looking forward to feeding questions from those that are there. Below are more details:

The workshop will be at Patio Culture on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Hopefully will see you there!

The class went really well, at least I think it did. I received a lot of positive feedback after, tweets and lots of questions through out. I also talked for 2 hours straight, which was pretty tiring, but at least it was on a topic that I enjoy and am passionate about. Here's a photo that someone tweeted during my tutorial and you can see me up in front of the room by the computer screen.


  1. Hi, it's Rebecca from Blog Out Loud. The workshop will be at Patio Culture on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Send us an email if you'd like to rsvp at

  2. Are they having a NYC workshop? I would love to go and really do need a twitter class. You are too cool for school Tara!

  3. i attended the 4'th blog out loud event and it was really good i still remember there thought it was lovely being there

  4. great event Tara, thank you so much!