FiOS Takes Me Out to the Ballgame

Verizon FiOS, a PR client in our Dallas office invited me and several other bloggers and media to attend a demo at Citi Field a.k.a. the new Mets stadium, in order to dispel myths that their competitors have been spreading and to offer the real Facts on FiOS. I hadn't been to either of New York's new stadiums yet so was eager for the insider experience. Also, for the last few months Raphael has been eagerly checking when FiOS will be available on our own street (we received a letter saying coming soon!), so I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn more.

In their Verizon Studio out in the outfield deck of the brand new stadium, I learned that besides the 100 HD channels, FiOS allows you to check your Facebook and Twitter right from their fiber-optic box. At first, I thought it would be too hard to do and couldn't see the point, but it seemed easy enough and I especially liked that you could pull up your photo album and your friends Facebook pics on the larger TV screen, thus no more crowding around the computer in order to laugh at your friend's wacky mugs ;). As for twitter, which I'm addicted to anyway, you can have your followers stream update in real-time in a column on one side of your screen and have your show playing on the other side. Seamless. You can also click on a button that shows you who is tweeting about the show you are currently watching. I can see this being especially funny for reality shows and awards shows and laughing at what people are saying during the show happening right then. My ears also picked up when I heard that their one DVR unit can be accessed by multiple TV's. Thus, my husband and I could both be watching our recorded programs at the same time, so no more begging to watch Grey's Anatomy and forcing him to be within earshot, lol.

We all got to enter the stadium via the VIP Press entrance, which was pretty awesome and allowed us to be in the stadium before all the crowds, thus giving us the chance to really take a good look at the new digs. I was very impressed as I thought that Shea Stadium was an orange eyesore with no historic feel to it, however, this stadium while in its inaugural season has an old fashioned look, probably due to the brick columns that evoke an older time in Baseball past.

We also were able to actually stand on the field or rather the dirt track behind home plate during the visiting team's (Florida Marlins) batting practice, where one of the players missed a ball, which rolled and hit my shoes. The player then said I could keep it and so I did! Unfortunately, the game itself was less impressive with the New York Mets losing 4-2. Below are my feet on the field!

Here's a video of my tour of Citi Field:


  1. Sweet, that's a pretty nice plus to get to do that. I wish we had FiOS service around here, for the speed if nothing else, but Twitter on my TV? Heck yes.

  2. Wow, this looks awesome. I know it's not your ballpark of choice but it looks amazing from the field level view. I have never walked a field of MLB but now really want to...

  3. FiOS contacted our neighborhood and said it would be available in Spring 2010 - better late than never. I can't wait to dump Time Warner - they are hella expensive!

  4. that's so cool, i knew nothing of fios, i feel so informed :)