Disney D23 Expo

Last weekend, I was able to attend the Disney D23 EXPO, where the entire world of Disney comes together under one roof at the Anaheim Convention Center behind Disneyland. Basically, it’s Comic-Con meets Mickey Mouse with the same hardcore fans present but with their Mickey ears and princess tiaras on. Also, sneak peaks were shown, new products announced and celebs like Johnny Depp even showed up to announce Pirates IV. Here are some of the most interesting things that I saw and experienced in the exhibit hall:

Lost Signing
At the Disney ABC booth two supporting characters of the TV show Lost were signing autographs and I snapped the following photo of the young Ben Linus:

Disney Tattoo Guy

At first, he just seemed like a guy with a lot of tattoos, but then upon further observation we discovered that they were all Disney tattoos, all 4,500 of them! If you ask him "where is Dumbo?" and he'll point to where exactly on his body it appears. He literally goes by Disney Tattoo Guy and has a website, but he warned us that it's currently down for maintenance. So, for more info you can read this OC Register article.

Disney Playhouses
From Lilliput Play Homes these are not yet available to the public, but are aimed at delighting children and adults with charming and durable heirloom-quality playhouses. The above free standing play house was inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and inside included a loft with ladder, plus other fun features. Not that I'm tall, but I could easily stand up comfortably inside as could taller adults who kept going in and out too. Another pre-fab dream home that was on display was designed to look like a retro 50s style Mickey dinner. Man, I wish I had one of these magical forts growing up and hope I can buy one for my kids one day.

The Latest Kirstie Kelly Disney Princess Wedding Dress
By now, almost every woman, bride or not, has seen the Disney Princess inspired fairy tale wedding dresses. However, while I was at the show Kirstie Kelly unveiled the latest sketch for Princess Tiana from the upcoming Princess and the Frog animated movie. The Princess Tiana-inspired wedding gown has beautiful ruffles flowing down the back and officially releases this October, but will be available next year for purchase. Take a look:

(Photo by Adrienne Helitzer/courtesy of the Walt Disney Company)

Toy Story Mania for the Wii

I love the interactive 4D ride at California Adventure and was able to play the Wii inspired game while at the expo. The game for Nintendo Wii comes with 3D glasses and allows you to play up to 4 people in 25 carnival style games like a ring toss, popping balloons, etc. It's a lot of fun and comes out today (Amazon link).


  1. I've heard about that tattoo guy actually. I wonder what's on his arse...

  2. that is so fun you got to go to this. the tattoo guy is ridiculous, that's crazy. and um i would love to have one of those houses, for you know when i have kids and stuff...oh who am i kidding i want one now, haha.

  3. Katelin, lol me too. I went into each of the play houses like one of the kids! :)

  4. I saw that tattoo guy on some discovery show I think.

    I was just talking about how cool it would be to go to Disney again.

  5. I LOVED the Disney diner. I want one!