Cancer Luncheon at the Maloof Emmy Party

When producer Noreen Fraser was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer she was told she'd most likely have 5 years to live, she is now in her 6 year surviving and fighting back. She is the co-creator and co-producer of Stand Up To Cancer and also launched the Noreen Fraser Foundation (NFF) to find cures for all women's cancers.

I had the honor of attending a pre-Emmy luncheon in support of NFF at the home of Adrienne Maloof (founders of the Palms casino in Vegas and other businesses). After four years in Los Angeles and attending a lot of celeb events, it takes a lot to make my head turn, but I was more than wowed by this amazingly orchestrated event. The luncheon was held under a beautiful tent in the backyard of the Beverly Hills estate. Attending the lunch was Kevin Connolly from the show Entourage, Melissa Rivers, Rosanna Arquette, Phil and Adrienne Maloof, Noreen and her amazing doctor and many more supporters.

After the lunch and speeches about the importance of funding scientific researchers directly, everyone was invited to visit several smaller tents on the property for free swag courtesy of clients of the entertainment and marketing company The Silver Spoon . We were all given a pretty floral waterproof tote from Emilie Sloan in Seattle and here are just some of the swag that I filled it with: a beautiful silver necklace from Lois Hill, thank you cards from tiny*prints (I follow them on twitter!), dark blue pumps from Menbur shoes, a bottle of Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion that will be available in stores late this month, a canvas tote and white sunglasses from Ezekiel, a sassy snow princess Halloween costume from Seven 'Til Midnight, some naughty sex toys from 69, a t-shirt benefiting NFF from Not Done Yet with the breast cancer symbol in the words and shampoo from Ovation, which works well for chemo patients.


  1. looks like a beatiful event and even a greater cause.

  2. Cancer sucks and I only wish there was more I could do

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  4. Some naughty adult sex toys
    ? I think that the naughty are you ;)