Walk a mile for new shoes

Last week, I was alerted via email to another TOMS Shoes Sample Sale. The last time I went it was small and American Idol's Jason Castro was there. This time, however, post TOMS Shoes fame in the AT&T commercial, there was a three hour long wait! Apparently, they alerted their Facebook community about the sale, which explains the half-a-mile long line. Since I was expecting the little room of shoes like last year, I was definitely not prepared so I ended up burning my arms and buying whatever drinks we could find nearby. RedBull reps kindly stopped by and were giving out samples to the long line though.

By the time we entered their outside pit with boxes and boxes of shoes, all the 8's were gone so I couldn't pick up one for my friend, but luckily there were plenty of my size 5's. In the end, I cleaned up, purchasing three pairs of shoes (gold glitter, picnic canvas plaid, brown cords) and their awesome brown wrap boots. So, I now own eight pairs of TOMS, wow. Raphael also scored four pairs of the guy styled ones too.

So, although my feet were tired and my arms burning from the sun, I think it was worth it. Plus, remember for every pair of TOMS Shoes purchased, a new pair goes to a child in need.


  1. i love the glitter ones. i was looking at them online.

  2. wow its crazy that people would wait in line for hours for toms shoes!