Interviewing Benjamin Bratt & Grace Park

The other week, assigned me to attend and blog for them from the set of television's The Cleaner as the drama filmed their second season finale. I also got to partake in a roundtable interview with its stars--Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality, Law & Order) and Grace Park (Battlestar Gallatica).

I was of course excited to interview the extremely hot Benjamin Bratt, but I was only able to get in three questions during the half-hour roundtable Q&A, which is one more than most though. Benjamin meanwhile was tall at 6’2 and skinny. His skin was darker though than usual and he was wearing jeans and a grey linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Like his character, the normally clean shaven actor was sporting a beard and mustache (not a fan) and I noticed some grey hairs in his side burns that looked quite attractive. The actor shook everyone’s hand (yes, including mine) and again shook my hand at the end of the interviews too *sigh*. Another observation that I had is that he liked to use the word "Chiefly" and said it a total of three times, which isn't a lot I guess, but for that word I though it was. Anyway, you can see what I mean in my full interview over at

I also managed to capture video of my interview with Grace Park over here, but she kind of rambles on a bit and my written interview selects the good pieces.


  1. Jealous!! Benjamin Bratt = total hottie!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Grace Park. I'm a huge fan of BSG and she is just so "fracken" beautiful! One of my favs indeed. Great article!