Liquor Review: TY KU

Over the years, I’ve blogged about wine, doing a vodka taste test, tequila and now there’s a new liqueur in town to talk about.

TY KU is a clean and crisp low calorie, low carb, low sugar liqueur that’s a blend of Asian spirits and superfruits and teas including:

Yuzu–Asian citrus, vitamin C
Honeydew– source of potassium and vitamin C
Green Tea– antioxidants, cholesterol reducer
Mangosteen– Asian superfruit, contains antioxidants
Goji Berry– Tibetan wonder-berry, contains 18 amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins
Ginseng– providing energy
Soju– low calorie Asian vodka, no added sugars

Sounds yummy, right? You can taste the melon flavor of the honeydew and other botanicals. You can drink it chilled on the rocks (this is how I first tried it) or in many crafted cocktails to make yummy martinis, margaritas and mojitos. I also tried it with Sprite, which made it even sweeter and a little too easy to drink at 20% alcohol.

When it comes to wine and spirits, I must confess I often judge a book by its cover and the TY KU bottle is really cool looking. In a triangle like shape, it’s “the world’s only illuminating bottle,” which somehow makes the cool green-colored liqueur glow like kryptonite when the light hits it. It’s very cool and the bottle is smooth like weathered sea glass. It retails for $32.99, but you’ll see it more and more at bars and in cocktails that you can order.

The brand also makes a TY KU Sake, which we have too. I’m not a Sake fan though, due to a very bad second date back in Manhattan. Anyway, Raphael is a fan and I poured him a shot in a little Japanese red tea cup and tray that I was happy to utilize. He said it's "uniquely good," and that it tasted high-quality and expensive, "not something you'd find at a local sushi restaurant."

Apparently, premium sake is best enjoyed chilled and usually poor quality sake is heated to mask undesirable flavors, so beware. TY KU Sake is made from only four all natural ingredients: rice, water, yeast & koji. Throughout history, the Japanese have referred to sake as “The Drink of the Gods,” thus the perfect drink for my hubby (Note: I’m sucking up because he sent me flowers at work today! ;).


  1. Nice, I had a chance to only taste this when I was NYU (not get a whole bottle) -- TY KU definitely tastes interesting, would be tricky to see how it fits into a cocktail though.

    And I love their whole healthy n wholesome "detox while you tox" angle ;) as if I need another reason to imbibe more!

  2. oooh that looks tasty. i would definitely give that stuff a try.

  3. I'm not a sake person either, but when I do eat sushi I have this product and it's much more pleasant that the typical sake.

  4. I tried this in Vegas and the bottle draws quite the crowd, let me tell ya. I had no idea there was a sake too, I'll have to look for that

  5. I thought TY KU is a wine. I am a wine lover. Anyway You have got an nice blog. Keep it up the good work.

  6. Does anyone know, is this stuff everywhere? Can I get it in Hawaii?

  7. ooooooooo...never knew TY KU had a sake!

  8. Never thought to use sake in mixed drinks but I've seen recipes all over the web for them...they sound great. If you don't really care for sake, maybe try the mixed drinks??

  9. I was just introduced to Ty Ku from a friend and also wasn't sure how sake could mix well into cocktails. I was proven wrong, these drinks are great and I don't feel guilty drinking them because of the low calories :)