Le Whif: breathable chocolate review

When I first heard about Le Whif, an inhalable chocolate, I knew it was something I just had to try and blog about. From Paris, this canister of chocolate air is marketed as chocolate without the calories and was invented by a Harvard professor.

You have to hold the tube horizontally and then inhale through your mouth. Fine chocolate powder then enters your mouth. You can close the container and whiff again later for a total of four whiff's per Le Whif tube. It comes in four flavors: mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mango chocolate, and plain chocolate. A pack of six Le Whif tubes though will run you about 10 euros so $14 via their Website.

When I inhaled, little bits of chocolate powder hit my tongue, reminding me of the cocoa powder from a packet of hot chocolate. It's definitely not as filling or as satisfying as eating a chocolate bar, but it does fill any sweet cravings you may have and without the guilt. It's also fun taking puffs from the tube, like smoking a cigar. It reminded me of those Bubble Gum Cigarettes as a kid and something out of The Jetsons (remember their food would come in tablets?). I favored the chocolate and raspberry flavors the best.


  1. I'm not sure this would really satisfy my craving as it's as much about the creamy sensation on my tongue as it is about the smell and taste. Thinking that it might actually stimulate me to ultimately put a piece of chocolate in my mouth. LOL

  2. Definitely makes me want to give it a try. Wonder if it has carbs.

    Have you heard about inhaling alcohol? You go into a room with hazmat suits on and hang around for 30 minutes inhaling the mist. Sounds crazy.

  3. Michelle - Good point, because after reading your comment I now want a piece of chocolate ;)

    Panda Mayhem - The total mass of chocolate powder in Le Whif is about 200 milligrams. This amounts to less than 1 calorie of chocolate.