All tied up - how to tie a dress scarf

The new must clothing accessory, is not a new necklace, but a colorful scarf for an instant wardrobe update, especially in "chilly" LA. While I always love looking at the brightly colored dress scarves on display, I never buy them, because I was never sure how to wear them and with what. Outdoor winter scarves, no problem. Dress scarves? That's a different story. After all, there's silk, cotton, pashminas, long, short, how do I knot them, can I wear them with a tee, a dress? Ah, better stay away is what I thought.

This week though, I finally picked up a purple pattern linen scarf from Gap for $24.50 (some of the ones hanging in the photo on the right were only $19.50 though). I also carefully studied the many different knots, bows and ties on the different mannequins in the store and apparently you can wear a scarf with a strapless jersey dress.

"Silks are very appropriate to wear with sweaters and suits, but the newer wrapping scarfs are the way to go with tees and summer dresses," says Lynn Roberts at Echo Design. She went on to share with me that their Tribal crinkle scarf is a popular seller. She also has her own How to Tie tips.

I started off easy though and settled for wrapping my new scarf around my neck once and bringing the ends back to the front, but then tied knots at the ends that were hanging. Voila!

Next time, I'm going to try one of the examples found in the below video from, which shows you how to tie a long rectangular scarf. They also have three additional videos on scarf tying available. It's good to see I'm not the only one confused as these videos have over 40,000 views. also recorded a short video on how to create a braid-like knot:

While Shauna Smith (pictured right), Store Manager of writes, "My latest idea is to wear TWO light-weight scarves wrapped together. Intertwine the two to create a brand new scarf! I like to mix prints and fabrics. You can begin by braiding the two scarves together BEFORE you put it on, or you can tie the first and weave the second through, making up the style as you go! Brilliant!"
Worst case, I could always buy an Adi Bakshi Scarf, which wraps around the neck and comes to a close in the front with a detailed button so that you'll always get the perfect look every time you put it on.
Designer Sam Kori George also advises that, "One should wear their scarf, shawl or stole to the left side always because it’s more flattering. Just remember over your heart." He also warns not to mix animal prints and absolutely no scarf over a turtleneck unless you want to look frumpy. "Trend or no trend, do not wear a scarf with shorts and a vest." Good to know.


  1. This post was perfect! I always feel like everyone else looks great in scarves and I never know how to do it- I've got a go to friend that does it for me.

  2. mmmm i love scarves! seriously so fun!

  3. I wear scarves probably about every other day so it is always nice to add to my different ways of wearing them. If any of you other gals out there are looking for the best brand that I have found yet I would suggest the Love Quotes scarves in the linen material. We sell them at the boutique that I work at and all of our staff is also obsessed!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I like scarves, but I feel like I never know what to do with the,

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