A Soolip Wedding Event

Having spent all of 2008 planning my wedding, I'm going through a bit of withdrawal in 2009. I miss looking at pretty flowers, dainty decorations and glossy bridal magazines, but luckily I got my fill today when I took my engaged friend to Los Angeles' annual Soolip Wedding event, which is basically a local bridal show, but extremely classy and with a green focus.

I had to take photos of Vanilla Bakeshop's elegant fondant cake and cupcake tower:

Although it seems like a new trend instead of cakes or cupcakes though is having a candy buffet:

I also liked this silver place setting from Beautiful Day Wedding Planning:


  1. If you're missing wedding planning that much feel free to find me husband (30-35, Jewish, lives in NYC) and I will happily bring you in on my wedding planning :)

  2. lol, well i met my hubbie on the NYC subway, so I suggest you take the line you'd most like your hubbie to live on and mingle. Although, I don't reccomend this activity after a certain hour ;)