Red Carpet: I Love You, Man

For the premiere of I Love You, Man, which was on St. Patrick's Day, I was unfortunately stuck with the other dot com’s—-way at the end of the red carpet. Thus, I barely saw Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, which sucks because I had my questions all prepared. I was going to ask Paul Rudd if he’s ever thrown up on someone like his character does in the film, since I figured no one would ask him that and maybe some funny college story would be revealed. As for Jason, I was going to ask if he’s ever said I love you man to a guy friend before.

Alas, I did speak to some of the funny supporting characters like Jon Favreau, Joe Lo Truglio and Thomas Lennon (Reno 911). I also captured some footage of the red carpet attendees like Jamie Pressley (My Name is Earl) Jack Black, Lou Ferrigno, Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor and parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. This premiere also had props from the film’s set along the red carpet pathway including furniture from “the man cave,” which was pretty cool. Once the press line packed up I lied out on the comfy couch briefly :)

Here's the resulting video that I did for the entertainment website, ShakeFire:

I Love You, Man releases on Friday, March 20th, it's the perfect mandate!


  1. aw that's too bad you didn't get to talk to paul or jason but the interviews you did get were pretty funny. nice job! :)

  2. I'm debating going to see this flick. The Hulk is the biggest "pro" factor right now :)

    Sucks that you got segregated, can't believe they're still doing that with Web media now...