Girlfriends Guide to Gaming Party

Last Friday I went to a very cool Girlfriends Guide to Gaming Party by Nintendo for their handheld DS system. Held in a photography studio in Hollywood, the party was pimped out with fun furniture and broken up into four different stations for each featured DS game--Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, Brain Age and Crosswords. There was also champagne, wine and appetizers and over 20 other girls to mingle with including my pal Katelin over at and bloggers and Nanette.

Upon checking it at the party, each of us were given a charm bracelet and we recieved a charm after completing each station and trying out a different game. Below is the completed bracelet.

Photo by Katelin

I had never played a Nintendo DS before and actually had a LOT of fun doing so. My favorite was Mario Kart and playing against the different girls. It took me awhile to do okay on it, but eventually I managed to finish in 2nd place for one game. I was racing that fake kart for dear life and was hurting my thumbs in the process though, but it was worth it. I also embarrased myself at Guitar Hero, but again it was still a lot of fun. Raphael would enjoy that game more since he alerady loves it for the Wii.

With each new game played I started wanting a console for myself and was thinking if I could afford the $125 price tag and if so what color I'd get it in, lol. Alas, I lucked out because we were each given our own DS Lite system and the game brain age before we left. Score! I've since been bidding on eBay for Mario Kart, Guitar Hero and other games since. Should be fun for when I travel.

More photos from the gaming night are up on Flickr.


  1. I have a DS in light pink and I love it! I have a few games for it and really should get more. I actually havent played it in a while but it is really good for traveling and I love that you can connect with other people around you and play games.

  2. I went to a girlfriends' DS party last year courtesy of Lindsay from LAist and it was sooo fun! Haven't worn that charm bracelet but I still love my pink DS Lite. Most addictive game ever? Word Jong which is like a Mah Jong and Scrabble hybrid.

  3. Caroline - thanks for the game recommendation, will have to check it out

  4. so glad you came, it was so much fun!

  5. I'd go just for the bracelet. How fun!