Super Bowl Sunday

Cake decorator I'm not, below is my attempt to make football cupcakes for a Super Bowl party Raphael went to.
I spent the big game though watching and tracking the views of Pepsi's ads, all of which I thought really stood out during the game. My husband and I love the MacGruber SNL sketch so were happy to see it made into a Pepsi commercial, too clever. I personally like this other version better though, lol.


  1. I loved the MacGruber commercial. The older dude looked like Richard Dean Anderson (the original MacGyver). Do you happen to know if it was him?

    The Superbowl is the only football game I watch all year - and I mostly watch for the commercials. :-)

  2. Yes Serenia, it was the original MacGyver! good eye :)

  3. My inner sports-freak overrode my inner marketer on Super Sunday, in that I focused on the game far more than on the ads. I actually made it a point to separate myself from the screen during commercial breaks. (I know, bad of me...)

    I actually had the MacGruber ad on mute, not intentionally but due to whatever was on just before it that was annoying me. I've never seen the SNL version nor even the original show, so I didn't feel I was missing anything.

    I did like the very first Pepsi spot, with the Dylan and Although as the NYT pointed out today, the hints of Pepsi being popular with the hippies is strained -- it was, in fact, considered to be a Republican soda back in the '60s...

  4. I didn't watch the Superbowl but admit when I do it's all about the commercials

  5. i loved the mcgruber commercial, so funny. and i loved that they got he real mcgyver in there, awesome.

    i also loved the pepsi evolution commercial, very clever.

  6. It is the thought that counts! Cupcakes would be AAWEEESOMMMMMME right now. :(

  7. I love the Men can take anything commercial. It was my fave. I did not see McGruber. But, that is so funny!!


  8. Pepsi, pepsi, pepsi.

    Too funny. I love how Richard Dean Anderson calls MacGruber a sell out. Ha. He recently did a mastercard ad as McGyver.

    Oh well we still love McGyver no matter what.