We got axe'd

I was invited to attend an exclusive AXE event on my birthday Tuesday night. Since I had already celebrated over the weekend by going to The Groundlings and since I am going to Vail this weekend (yay!), I happily RSVP'd. Also, Raphael uses AXE deodorant and I figured we could score him some free samples. The event meanwhile was to intro their new hair care line and styling products.

Held at the posh Prive Salon in Hollywood (Jessica Alba was supposedly there just before the event started.) celebrity hair stylist, Diana Schmidtke, whose clients include a who’s who list of stars, such as George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon, was there offering styling tips.

Raphael was like my doll for the evening as I used him as a guinea pig, he didn't complain though when they gave him a long head massage as they washed his hair with AXE shampoo. Next, Raphael got some face time with Diane who used the AXE Whatever Messy Look Paste (it smelled good) to make cool spikes throughout his hair. She said that guys don't often wait until their hair is damp or dry to apply product but that is the optimal time for styling. Also, it's best to apply product throughout the entire head not just where you want to style it. She recommended starting in the back and going to the front and then moving out to the sides. Lastly, she shared the fact that men should avoid gel at all costs since most gels contain alcohol, which strips the hair and scalp of crucial moisture. Thus, stick to creams and pomades.

Although it was more of a guy thing, I wasn't left out since I got an awesome neck and shoulder massage too, just without the washing hair part. They also brought out a chocolate birthday cake for me and sang Happy Birthday, I was a bit embarrassed but definitely thankful.

I'm also thinking of making the below photo my Christmas card, what do you think? ;)

The complete Flickr stream from the event can be viewed here.


  1. aw i am so bummed i missed out on this, looks like a fun time. and i know matt would have enjoyed some hair time, haha. thanks again for the invite! and happy belated birthday :)

  2. I didn't expect to get Axed with shampoo, conditioner and styling stuff. I've been using the Clean Cut Pomade only because my hair is short right now but will try the Messy Look Pomade once it grows...definitely a good time.

  3. Tara, if you don't make that your xmas card photo, I will.