The two week Teavalize challenge

After meeting the founders of Teavalize--a Netflix for teas, and hearing that the cast of Grey's Anatomy are all fans, I had to try it. I'm not also not a coffee drinker, so this was perfect for me. Plus, they have a two week free trial ($7.95 shipping fee) where you can sample their teas and recieve their awesome travel infuser, which lets you have loose leaf tea on the go. What's also cool is that the loose leaf tea expands in the hot water and floats around free in the infuser without going through the built-in strainer or into your mouth. Everyone comments on how unusual it looks and asks what I'm drinking, so I'm often in my office's kitchen explaining how it works.

Each day I'd pour a pre-packaged single serving packet of loose leaf Oolong Boost tea in my infuser (right), fill with hot water and have in the morning at my desk. Then, after a meal I would do the same, but with the daily package of their Pu'er Essential tea. According to their site, drinking Pu'er or Oolong tea with meals may help to reduce fat from a heavy meal and also help reduce cholesterol. Both varities are very natural and strong tasting and for someone like me, who likes sweet tea, it was a little hard to get used to at first, but it tastes very healthy and as their motto says "don't drink your calories." Also, at the University of Chicago, studies have revealed that green tea can assist in the reduction of appetite.

It's now been over two weeks for me and I've noticed a difference in my energy and I possibly might have lost a pound or two (I don't own a scale). I was doing really well until Thanksgiving came around though. At the very least, it has helped me drink more water each day, which is a problem for me. And bonus, tea is high in antioxidants and linked to reducing the risk of cancer.

To continue past the two week trial I was charged $79. At first I freaked, but like all women tend to do, I soon rationalized it. Each shipment is good for 8 weeks worth of tea, thus $10 a week for 14 large cups of tea each week, which equals only 72 cents for a packet of 100% all natural loose leaf tea from China. I can spend 72 cents for my health and knowing I won't be charged that price every month, defiintely made it easier. I also changed my plan to only renew my supply every 12 weeks, for less payments, because I'm sure I'll have extra that will last me past the 8 weeks time frame since I'm sure to miss a drinking session or two, or will be traveling, etc.

Do be warned though, now I can't do the regular tea bag. I can really taste the difference in freshness and quality, I've become a tea prima donna. As a result, I'm also drinking and buying Revolution premium full-leaf tea bags too. It's not a monthly mailing program though, but they do have sample packs good for stocking stuffers too. Yes, I'd want tea in my stocking.


  1. I just ordered this for my sister. She is a tea fanatic so I am sure she will love it. Thanks for sharing, this is such a unique product!

  2. Such a good idea for health and just for people that love tea:)

  3. I love, love, love tea, especially in the winter. But I think a full-on tea subscription would be just way too much of a commitment for me. That and well, as much as I love to try new teas, I always seem to come back to my spice, black or assam teas. I'm just too predictable I guess. It sure sounds cool though and might be worth looking into contacting for potential giveaways on ConstantChatter.

    PS - after the holidays we should try to meet up one day.