One night, two blog parties

This morning I was in San Jose but was back in Los Angeles by the afternoon, just in time to attend two blogger events on the same night.

The first was TOMS Shoes LA blogger night at the TOMS pop-up store on Abbot Kinney in Venice. TOMS are basically flats, but way cooler than typical Keds and not as hard or blister causing either. At first I wasn't crazy about the designs that I saw on their site, however, I soon became a fan when I saw these flats in person and on the employees there. I then tried a few on and found them to be super light and bonus, they looked cute on my feet too. The best part though, for every pair sold, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need and have donated over 70,000 shoes so far (video here). One for one is their motto. At the event, we were all given a coupon for a free pair of TOMS (score!). I chose their tan suede ones with fleece lining (soft inside like Uggs) and because I felt guilty for stealing a pair of shoes from a needy kid somewhere and because I liked them so much, I also purchased a pair of blue corduroy ones for $46. TOMS sells at Nordstroms, but the pop-up store will be open until the end of December, so go check it out. My article goes into more detail about the shoes, Stars With Soles.

With my shopping bag in hand, I then headed to West Hollywood for Disney Interactive Studios' blogger night at the chic Apple Lounge. I played Superdog Bolt, the Xbox game, based on the upcoming animated film and Disney Sing It, an American Idol of Disney pop songs for the Wii. Sweat Pants Mom had brought her kids who were rocking out to the Wii game Ultimate Band, which comes out next week and doesn't require all the extra instruments like Rock Band does. I didn't try it though, I was too intimated, those kids were rocking!


  1. TOMS Shoes are awesome! My friends and I had a TOMS shoes party a few months ago -- we all got the plain white ones and had a TOMS Shoes decorating party! And all for a good cause :-)

  2. Hey,
    I went to the Disney Interactive night too! Super fun will post when Eddy gets back from Brazil. I had fun with Ultimate band but could not do Pure.

    I loved my Goody bag bag, its perfect for outings with Thomas.

  3. Hey Tara - it was great seeing you at the party! I didn't realize you were coming from another event, you party animal you.

    I ended up trying out Ultimate Band, and surprisingly didn't make a complete fool of myself. My kids were relieved.