Pamper Me Fabulous

Move over Shecky's Girl's Night Out and hello Pamper Me Fabulous, the ultimate female outing!

On Sunday I spent the day doing mini spa treatments at the Pamper Me Fabulous event in Downtown. Featuring LA’s best spas and salons giving mini treatments: manis by OPI, E’s celebrity Janae Alt spraying guests with “Sunset Tans,” heavenly massages by El Leon (named the BEST massage in the country by Allure Magazine), stylish cuts from Neihule Salon, facials / brow waxing from celeb cult favorite/skin guru Christopher Watt and his team. Then add in pink champagne vodka cocktails and mochi treats, plus an awesome beauty swag bag, and I was in heaven. 31 days until the wedding and it was just what the doctor ordered.

I tried the brow waxing, which was done with wax that hardened once applied and then when removed so is the unwanted hair. I'm a big baby when it comes to any form of waxing, but it didn't make my eyes water although it helped that I had just tweezed. However, the next day I had a little breakout/irritation, grr. The facial done by the same place was great though, my skin feels incredibly smooth. I also managed to squeeze in a makeup session after the facial, which left me wanting to go out for the night since I was already dolled up.

My favorite treatment though was from Cote d'Azur in Pasadena. The appointment list was already filled up but they managed to squeeze me in via a chair massage. It was unlike any massage I've ever had though, since it was more about aromatherapy and pressure points. They also used cold stones around my forehead and it was really soothing. I was told and not for the first time, that I carry all my stress in my shoulders. When the masseuse started to knead in, she exclaimed in bafflement "what do you do?" I told her PR and she said, "everyone must come to you and you store all of that tension here." Her recommendation for easing that stress is taking deep breaths throughout the day and relaxing my shoulders. I'm just remembering this now so am only doing it for the first time since Sunday. It wouldn't hurt to make a little routine once in awhile though


  1. That looks amazing - too bad it's not in Boston (or did I miss something on their site?)

    I have had two massages. As you know PR can get stressfull and each time they were so appalled at how tense I was - I was pretty much chastised in the way the dentist will accuse you of not flossing even though you do.

  2. man i really wish i was here for that, it looks amazing. so cool.

  3. I love those Thia messages that they have in Los Angeles - painful but rewarding.


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  6. Pamper Me Fabulous is back and this time it is even better!

    Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009
    Location: Vibiana (Downtown Los Angeles)

    Welcome to Pamper Me Fabulous 2009: the oh-so-chic spa and beauty event for women by women and about women!

    Pamper Me Fabulous brings together all of the things you and your girlfriends love, but never have time to enjoy. You can all take a break from the stresses of life to luxuriate in mini beauty services from the best Los Angeles spas and salons, shop for beauty products and designer clothes, taste gourmet sweets and eats and score a Hollywood-style swag bag all under one swanky roof in the heart of LA.

    Buy your tickets now at: