The making of Hollywood hot spots

One of the hottest clubs in Hollywood right now is GOA and last week I was able to skip the lines and receive a tour of the decadent styled club by it's designer, Kristopher Keith, during CitySearch's Wine, Dine & High-Design event.

Inside it looks like you are in some Mahārāja harem with over eight miles of imported gold chain links hanging from the ceiling, lush pillows scattered about and incense burning from perches on the walls. My hair still smelled of the exotic scents long after I left and went home, passing by groups of paparazzi parking their cars and setting up for the night.

Keith also gave the group an advance look of two new restaurants and lounges that his company is building and designing--Osaka and Delux.

Osaka is going to be a sushi bar. Right now it's just a bunch of wood framing the place though. The final eatery on Hollywood Blvd, will look like a rusted metal cage inside says Kris Kieth. He went on to say he wanted it to be like you're entering a different world via Hollywood Blvd. There will be a glass front and you'll have to cross stepping stones over a pond to enter and as a result we tiptoed into the construction zone on a large plank over the hole for the mini pond. There will also be a zen garden outdoor smoking room with a high opened ceiling (photo on the left). Overall, he said it will have a Japanese and Peruvian style to it. It's still six months or so away from completion, but I look forward to seeing it all finished and hopefully eating there.

Delux meanwhile is a bar/lounge that will also serve appetizers and finger food. This project was more finished, thus provided us with more of a visual. When I entered I thought of the classic movie Metropolis and later Kieth said he was inspired by old Hollywood movies like Wizard of Oz and Metropolis. It's very art deco with lots of smooth mahogony fixtures, a stainglass wall is in the works and olive green velvet curtains to be draped over the length of another wall. Oh and Kieth said he is making a female only lounge with bathrooms and makeup counters, so not just a one stall club. Delux is expected to open at the end of August.


  1. Oh wow, those look stunning!!! I love being able to actual hear the vision behind an architect, it really leads to such a more in-depth feel to a location!

  2. oh wow those places look pretty awesome.