Soy un perdedor

I'm tired of picking the losing team.

First it was HD DVD earlier this year and now my girl Hillary and before that Kerry and Gore. Sucks. I hope Obama picks her as his running mate though. I know they argue that his message is all about change and that the Clinton's do not represent change. But hello, change is having a female vice president! Someday.

That's it.

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  1. I am a conservative Republican

    I am a man

    Hillary's voice was like sandpaper on an exposed tooth root!


    I cannot believe what a lousy deal she got! She was not fairly treated and just got totally railroaded.

    Hillary did not get a fair shake, Obama has the media in his pocket.

    Don't worry Tara, I have picked losers often as well,

    I backed George Allen and that fool grabbed defeat out of the jaws of victory right before my eyes!