Nip and Tuck

Me: I'm thinking of signing up for a wedding bootcamp in Beverly Hills.

Raphael: Cool, how much is it?

Me: Two something.

Raphael: What?! Why don't you just re-join the gym?

Me: Well, the bootcamp membership comes with a backpack.

Raphael: OMG!

Yesterday, I went to my first of two wedding dress fittings. I was excited, although yesterday's blog comment dampened that excitement. Yet, as the tailor kept pinning my dress she said "Don't lose weight," I then told her I planned on trying to loose a few pounds before the big day (honeymoon and all), to which she replied that I can't lose more than 10 pounds otherwise I'll go down a dress size. I told her no problem, lol. At my height, 5 pounds would make the difference, 10 would be extreme and well, I doubt I'd even have the ability to pull it off. The last time I lost around that was when I moved to London because of all the walking and my student income and again when I first moved to NY, just need to be a little more active out here in driving L.A.

Anyway, back to the wedding stuff. The bridal shop wanted $575 dollars for the veil, which come on, is really only a bit of silk gauze that I'd wear for like an hour. I told her I'd shop around. *sigh* How they get you. I'm going to check online or see if I can borrow a friends, heck it could be my something borrowed item for good luck!

I found shoes online at, which match my ivory wedding dress perfectly. Take a look.


  1. Hmm why dont you just make your own veil?

  2. Next time you're in Texas, go to a bridal shop and get a veil. It'll be so much cheaper!

    Also, just a suggestion on the shoes: without a strap in the back they'll make a "flip-flop" noise. I was at a wedding once where all the bridesmaids "flip-flopped" down the aisle. It was audible.

  3. I bought my veil at Michael's (or Joanne's, I forget which but they're both the same) I think for about $12(or you could get it from WalMart for even less). I then bought a thin white ribbon to trim the edges, and my aunt sewed it on. It came out so beautiful! All curvy and flowy, for less than $20! So yeah, definitely make your own veil.

  4. Veil prices are ridiculous, it made me VERY angry.

    Re: Lindsey & Kenny's comment about the flip flop noise of the shoes? A friend of mine had backless shoes for her wedding, and she took a blue ribbon and looped it under the heel of the shoe, and laced it up around her leg like a ballet slipper. It was her "something blue" and it held the cute shoe in place a bit better. :)

    Miss you Tara! Don't listen to those haters.

  5. oh wow i can't believe how expensive veils are, that seems sort of ridiculous.

    and to that anon commenter yesterday, pshaw. that's what i say. you look fine tara :)

    but a free backpack is sort of cool, haha.

  6. The shoes look perfect, not too high, not too low. I have shoes similar and I've never flip flopped in them.. but that's just my 2 cents.
    Who says you need a veil? Always seemed so archiac to me.

  7. Be warned...I am Paying It Forward to When Tara Met Blog ... I think your blog is great and wanted to spread the word. -Cindy

  8. Believe it or not, I bought my veil off of e-bay. There is a woman on there who custom makes them and it turned out beautiful! It matched my dress perfectly, right down to the champagne trim. Even better, it only cost around $40 or so!

  9. If you can wait till you go back to El Paso you should. There are plenty of very reasonable fabric stores downtown. I can also refer to the lady who made mine, she's awesome.


  10. WOW....I never even would have guessed that veils would be so ridiculously priced. Just one more indication that I'll just need to elope when I get hitched ;).

    P.S. - Definitely don't listen to anonymous trolls. You look FINE!!!

  11. Try putting double-sided tape on the heel of your shoes. This will prevent the flip flopping noise as the shoe comes up to smack your heel!
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  12. What color is your dress? I have a veil that I never wore that's cream/off white. It's a lovely piece. You're welcome to it for the $12 I paid for it.

  13. Making your own veil is a definite option; I considered it myself before I found one I loved on eBay!
    I bought my tiara on eBay too; I didn't find one I loved in my city and both veils and tiaras are overpriced- though the ones I liked were between $150 and $200! My dress didn't even cost what that shop wants for your veil, because I bought one off the rack on sale (and LOVED it).

    Enjoy the engagement time - I've been married a year already and can't believe it!
    (A world in a grain of sand)


    I went back in my email and found out where I got my accessories. :)


    Lana's Wedding Accessories Store

    The link doesn't look like it worked - you can search for her in the Store category.