He really doesn't get any respect

I snapped this photo of comic Rodney Dangerfield's Walk of Fame star while visiting Hollywood Blvd tonight. They were doing construction nearby, but yet his star was the only one with saw dust and machinery on it. Poor guy, definitely echoes his famous catch phrase "I don't get no respect!"

I was just watching Caddyshack the other day on TV, but Ladybugs and Back to School will always be my favorites of his films.

Did you know that Dangerfield was the first entertainer to have a website on the world wide web, back in 1995? Well at least according to IMDB.


  1. I miss Rodney very much.
    He introduced us to another
    great, Sam Kinison.

    When you're down and need a laugh, you can't beat Caddyshack or Back To School. Thanks for the photo and the proof that even in death "some things never change". Rodney will only get the RESPECT he deserves from people like Tara. Thanks!

  2. hey there! i wish i could just go strolling down hollywood bvld when I liked! england is so mundane compared! :) Love the design of your blog!!!

    Come over and check my blog out! would love to know what a more experienced blogger things of it!! cheers!

  3. Caddyshack and Ladybugs are both classics

  4. What a clever association. Poor Rodney. If he was alive, he would be showing this as another example of "getting no respect".