ARTWALK Culver City

On Saturday we biked up to Culver City for their third annual ARTWALK. It's a free, self-guided tour of local art galleries and exhibition spaces. Some of the showrooms had live music, free cheese, fruit and water or selling champagne and wine by the glass for $2, which we did partake in.

My favorite art space was the MODAA Gallery featuring an exhibition of new work by artist Michael Kalish, which featured large pieces made of license plates and vintage tailgates, twisted and formed into three dimensional wall sculptures. One sculpture consisted of road signs from each state to create a map of the U.S., selling for a mere $20,000!

Also, striking were the following 25k metal roses made out of classic Ford and Chevrolet tailgates:

Oh and at the Bakery Art Exhibition's Hall there was this funny death to the cupcake painting that had me laughing: