I saw Robert DeNiro

and a dream of mine has finally come true. While at the Tribeca Film Festival today covering the red carpet premiere of Tennessee I got to see stars like Mariah Carey, Ben Kingsley and the great Bobby D, my favorite actor ever. I already finished my interviews and most of the press left the minute Mariah Carey went by. For some reason I was taking my time gathering my stuff and good thing because a last minute suprise arrival was in store for the remaining 15 or so press. Robert DeNiro came walking down, gray hair and in a nice suit. I swear I was stunned and I ran back to my spot to get a photo, however in my haste I stupidly hit the stop button instead of record. I'm kicking myself now because when I daringly yelled out "Bobby" to him, he looked right at me, smiled, nodded his head and continued on into the theater.

I was freaking out. My cameraman said I looked like a little girl and that my voice went all high pitch. I started crying after he walked by. I know this sounds pathetic, but I swear this is literally a dream come true for me and I cursed like a truck driver when I realized I messed up on the video. I would have had a video of him staring right at me, dammit!!! Anyway, it was still awesome. I'm so surprised he was even there since he's known to be reclusive despite the fact that he was the founder of the festival and for rebuilding so much of the Tribeca area in Manhattan. It doesn't help that he looks so much like my deceased father, for a second it felt like my dad was smiling and nodding at me. In fact, my dad often got mistaken for Robert DeNiro when he was younger a la Midnight Run time. Once we were at the airport and someone asked him for his autograph, instead of clarifying that he wasn't the actor, my dad signed the paper Bobby D, lol. After seeing him I was elated for awhile and then it felt like I was coming off a sugar high. Hell, this whole post is just an elated mess.

Update: I saw him again and this time I got video (see Speed Racer post), however it wasn't as intimate of a moment though ;)


  1. You are so adorable. I think I get that way when I see politicians... a few years ago now that I think about it. I know more now and I don't get as excited.

  2. T, you are so cute. And I'm so happy for you that your dream came true. :)

  3. Not remotely pathetic at all. You are talking to the girl who was giddy for probably weeks after David Bryan noticed my "Happy Birthday David" sign at the last Bon Jovi show I attended. That was a dream - the rock star of my dreams acknowledging my existence on the planet. The 16 year old in me still swoons at the thought, so I totally get this.

  4. awww yay for dreams come true! that sucks about the video messing up, but i'm sure it'll be etched in your memory for a long time to come...

  5. I think I just cried with you! That is so awesome, T! I am so glad you got to see and Shout Out lol to your favorite Actor *grin*

  6. This post put such a smile on my face. I'm so glad you're having such fun.

  7. First time commenter. Hope you dont' mind. I don't even know how i ended up here.
    I love Robert DeNiro. I think i'd faint. Or kiss him. or both at the same time.
    I'd definitely would want a hug. He's a hottie.
    Maybe you didn't get it on video, but you got to experience it in person and it's in your memory. We miss the moment's intensity sometimes when we are trying to videotape, but i get the disappointment.
    how did you get this jig man.
    and you are a smiley person, you seem v. down to earth. good for you. use it to your advantage.