Ms. Tara

Today I visited my friend's 2nd grade classroom in San Antonio. We had crashed at her place the night before and had to drop off her key while she was still at school. So Raphael and I checked in at the school's main office and received hall passes and were then told to look for the orange hallway, but first passing the blue and yellow ones.

After introducing us to her kids as Ms. Tara and Mr. Raphael, we toured her colorful classroom and met each student. Just as we were about to leave to head to Austin, I was asked if I wanted to read a story to the class. I couldn't resist the chance, especially after little Giovani handed me his own library book to read-Mrs. Smith Reads Again. They all sat quietly on the little carpet as I read a tale about dinosaurs as animately as I could while still holding the book outwards so they could see the pictures. I loved it.


  1. How, sweet! Good for you! This is the great American read day or something like that, which celebrates Dr. Seuss's birthday. Fun times getting the kiddies excited about books!

  2. Aw look how cute you are!!! :)

  3. So cute! I love reading to kids, especially when they actually pay attention, haha.

  4. Aw, that is so sweet!!

    So glad I got to see you! Now email me that pic of me and you! :)


  5. Look at you reading a book to kiddies. I always tell Michael that it takes a very special kind of teacher talent to hold the book up with one hand, read outloud--with expression--and keep kiddies under control.


  6. You'll make a great Mom someday.