Why do I...

throw my keys into my crowded purse after I lock my car when I know that in just two minutes I’ll need them to open my house door? As a result, I then have to fish through my purse and although I can hear them jingling and mocking me, I can’t seem to grab them, until only when I drop my purse to the floor and search for them. Grr.

Why do I always end up putting on makeup before I brush my teeth and then end up wiping the lower half off?

Why do I get so needy and depressed during my time of the month, or as my friends and I have nicknamed it, "when Aunt Mildred is visiting?"

Why do I have nothing else better to write?


  1. I do the same exact thing with my keys- I have to use a scan card to get into my office building and it's attached to my keys. Do I keep it out when I get out of my car? Of course not. I throw it in my monstrosity of a purse and then scramble to find it while standing outside my door.

  2. Because deep down you know you're not alone! We all do the same damn thing with our keys. And I spend more time trying to remind myself to brush my teeth first, than I care to acknowledge (considering I still usually forget).

  3. Because at the end of the day, these are the most interesting blog entries.

    I hope you have more days like this!

    durante vita

  4. My purse eats my keys I swear. It's sort of ridiculous, haha.

  5. lisa in nottingham had your site listed on hers so i thought i would check it out too!

    i like cupcakes too. ha

  6. I do that makeup thing all the damn time. Makes me angry. But ya know, not angry enough to not do it.