CES: The Gadgets

CES is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow and all the popular tech companies like Microsoft, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, etc. are there with huge and impressive booths. The conference is massive (my feet are killing me from walking the thing) with several shows within the show. Enter one part of the show floor and you'll find audio technology, step into another hall and it's home theater and video technologies being showcased. However, nothing really new or great was being shown by the well-known brands over at the Las Vegas Convention Center, just new models of phones and pretty flat-panel TVs on display. Nothing really grabbed my attention until I went to the Sands Expo convention where the up and coming guys were, who one day hope to be over on the popular Las Vegas Convention Center show floors.

Here are some videos I took of interesting gadgets:

Move over clunky Segways and say hello to the iShoes (not affiliated with Apple), which are motorized shoes, like flat roller skates but look like snow shoes, that you step into and with a press of a button you can glide at 13.5MPH around the city, office or college campus for $599.99 a pair. Take a look at this guy go:

From the makers of iRobot Roomba, the automatic vacuum cleaner, there is now the iRobot Looj, which will clean out the gutters on your house via a remote control ($129):

We all know about Guitar Hero but with the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker ($30) you don't need a guitar to rock out. It is literally a working air guitar. Buckle the amp onto your hip, use their magnetic pick and strum away to different songs, your movements effect the sound. In stores Spring 2008.

Finally, although this isn't anything spectacular, I thought this wobbly moving shelf at Hot Concepts' booth was cool:


  1. I tried to post something earlier... so you might get two comments from me. Stupid computer.

    This CES thing looks awesome. I want to go!

    All of these things make me thing I'm in the future or something. 13.5 MPH is pretty fast... I wonder if it's easy to fall on them.

  2. My husband would have killed to go to that conference! He is a self-professed technology geek!

  3. Wow the CES conference looks amazing. Glad you're having a fun time!

  4. If my husband saw those he would be fighting back the urge to get one of each. He is a man that loves his gadgets!

  5. Even if I had that contraption to clean out the gutters, I wouldn't use it. Just hire a professional company. You don't want to slip and fall!