HD my condo

So we did the big gift giving a bit early this year.

Whilst on a visit to Costco, we impulsively bought a 37 inch Samsung flat screen high def TV and a Toshiba HD DVD player to go with it.

We already had the HD cable box at home and have since been busy resetting our DVR to record all our shows on the HD channels, instead of regular programming, and boy is there a difference. It's beautiful! We can see the actor's pores and Heroes looks 3d almost.

I was reluctant to buy a new DVD player with the whole blu-ray or HD DVD format war going on, plus I already have a HUGE (300+) collection of standard DVDs. Yet, after reading that I can still play my old DVDs and that the player will make them look their best using "industry leading up-conversion technology over digital output"-- I couldn't resist any longer. Plus, what's the point of having a HD TV if it can't play high def films too? Thus, out came the credit card.

Video: Totally unrelated, but this kitty is too cute, he doesn't even look real.


  1. I am quite jealous of your TV and the HD. I can only imagine how great Heroes is now, haha.

  2. Yay Toshiba!!!

    And...that is seriously the cutest kitten video I've seen! I just want to take him home.