Getting bogged down

Today Ocean Spray’s Bogs Across America tour transformed L.A.'s Hollywood & Highland courtyard (home of the Academy Awards' Kodak theater) into a sea of glimmering, red cranberries. The “Red Carpet Bog” contains about 2,000 pounds of floating cranberries. The display will last til Saturday Nov. 17. Previously, their bog took over Rockefeller Center in N.Y. and Chicago’s Pioneer Court.

To promote the event, our intern Mattias and I donned official bog jumpsuits, complete with built-in wellies and visited different Los Angeles/Burbank radio stations to bring the fall cranberry harvest to them via press kits and Ocean Spray goodies for the morning shows, also called doing DJ drops. At some stations we were stopped by security or a controlling receptionist, other staions greeted us, laughed and took the packs. Now, we wait to hear if they plug the event on air or not.

My feet are a size 5 and the wellies were a size 12 , so I was definitely a sight. I felt like a clown with over sized rubber shoes. One security guard thought we were Santa Clause (I have no idea) another women in the elevator kept looking over so I joked, "Sorry, were you going to wear the same outfit today?" she laughed and said "I was, but good thing I didn't" and I put in the final quip, "Yeah, you would have just looked silly then."

It was good fun, except for when we visited KCRW, which is located on Santa Monica College's campus. There we were waddeling through the middle of campus in our outfits to many stares and giggles from students heading to class. Frankly I liked the attention, so I didn't mind. Instead I kept giving the head bob and going "Sup?" to those passing by. As for the one bitter looking girl who laughed when I stumbled though, I just smiled at her and said to myself: "Keep laughing community college girl, you'd be lucky to even have my job one day and wear this bog outfit. I'm rubber your glue..." Overall it was a good diversion and funny seeing people in the different office buildings and on the street look at us in interest and then quickly look away and pretend that they weren't.

Here are some photos:


  1. can NEVER say your job is boring! This is one of those stories that is just vintage Tara. Reminds me of the good ol' days.

  2. That could be your Halloween costume next year (and secretly get paid for it but not tell anyone ;-)

  3. Haha, that is awesome, pure awesome.