Backstage with The Cheetah Girls

and in the dressing room.

I was asked to help assist with Kraft's Mac and Cheese-a-Palooza the other night, which consisted of an orange carpet and a concert with The Cheetah Girls at Hollywood's House of Blues. I had to wikipedia them, but The Cheetah Girls are a Disney girl band popular with tweens. They sing, "Shake a Tail Feather" and "Cheetah-licious." I recognized one of the group members, Sabrina Bryan because she's been a contestant on this season of Dancing with the Stars.
So my part was to assist with the PR side of things as Extra did a behind the scenes filming and other media from Tiger Beat and Bop came to interview the girls. But before the interviews I mainly sat in the hotel suite while the girls got their hair and makeup (MAC) done in the room. All the girls were super energetic, Kiely especially who would break out into song and would entertain the other girls with stories, she also designs their clothes for the show. While getting re

ady they were mainly discussing Britney Spears' new album and how they love it and the TMZ false rumor about Sabrina's engagement to her dance partner, Mark Ballas (she's not egaged, she was just kidding, but they are dating and apparently went to see Wicked the other night). There was a lot of talking on their cell phones and saying the word bam with a jab of the hand for aded emphasis.

The audience for the cheese-a-palooza included a bunch of tweens in cheetah prints, Radio Disney winners, Kraft Mac and Chese website winners, kids from The Boys and Girls Club and Jennie Garth (also a Dancing with the Stars contestant) with her hot hubbie and two little girls. I was most excited to see Jennie, who still looks beautiful.

I also of course got to eat some mac and cheese for dinner while there, which is still among my favorite foods, so I was satisfied. Anyway, although the event was fun and it was neat being so inside, thank goodness I'm not in entertainment PR, I'm not down with the schlepping and coordinating so many minute things like which entrance to enter and room service.

Here are some photos:

Extra! clip


  1. Tara,

    My little princess just said "She is my hero." after reading your post!

    They would have loved to have been in your shoes!!!


  2. hey i like ur site !!!!!!!!!

  3. I like this look into entertainment PR, which makes me realize that I have no idea what you do. Next time we get a bite to eat, I'm going to be more of an investigator--I wasn't last time because I think people find that weird. But now I'm over it.

  4. Looks like fun, I heard those girls are really nice. Glad to hear they are.

  5. Hey, I remember reading Bop! LOL Probably when I was desperately in love with New Kids on the Block which would have college. *hanging head in shame* Yeah, way too old at that point for the teeny bopper mags. LOL

  6. I can't believe you had to Wiki the Cheetah Girls! My sister will think you're so cool. :)