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Monday, January 22, 2007

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI still can't get over the fact that I went from looking at the Pacific Ocean to snow capped mountains in just a two and half hour drive and not even going to another state or boarding an airplane. Crazyness, but I love it.

Friday evening after work and dinner, we headed to Big Bear Lake for a skiing weekend. I've been skiing since I was four-years-old, while my boyfriend had only been once in an unsuccessful venture. However, I got him to try it again despites his claims that "Mexicans don't ski" and his fears of being late to the game. My mother, after all, had learned to ski  at the same time as I was but she was 31. 

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWe stayed at a really cute bed and breakfast only a half a mile away from one of the two mountains nearby, Snow Summit. Raphael was scheduled for a beginners ski lesson but I tried giving him my own lessons on the bunny hill before and after, which I think really helped him because he was  in control and stopping easily. It wasn't easy trying to explain the movements I was doing since it had been a long time since I was being taught, but I tried my best. 

The second day and another ski school lesson and more private instructions from me, he was really skiing. I can't believe he got it so fast, he was turning and following my leisurely zig zag motions down the beginner hills with ease, and he only fell once the whole time. I was quite impressed and eager to do more and looking forward to skiing together again. The town was also charming. 

Oh and I got new snow goggles since my Oakley's were still back on the East coast, these ones are a clear pink and by Crush. I should have gotten them the first day though, since I got a sun burn from wearing just regular sunglasses and no sunblock. 

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