The first LA cupcake meetup group

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Taking inspiration from Nichelle in New York City, I decided to start a Los Angeles Cupcake Meetup Group. We have 27 members so far and our first event on 7/7/07. I figured we'd start with the most famous cupcakery to the stars--including huge fan Katie Holmes-- Sprinkles, which bakes up 20 mouthwatering varieties including pumpkin and peanut butter and chocolate. 

The shop itself is very cute and efficient, not romantic looking like Magnolia's, but more organized and sterile like the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in Manhattan. I ended up purchasing their Dark Chocolate cupcake (too much frosting and too rich) and two vanilla cupcakes (nice, but had better). Each cost $3.25 (yick!) and of course came with sprinkles on top, which was both fun and messy. The best part of this shop is that it's in the heart of Beverly Hills and the cute branding and logo, otherwise I look to discover better LA cupcake eats at future meet-ups.

Here are some photos:

LA cupcake meetup

LA cupcake member, Kody, brought some of his own homemade cupcakes from Cake and Art, which were almost too beautiful to eat (see below).  He offered to have our group tour his shop sometime in the future, yay! 

cake and art cupcakes


  1. Monday, July 9, 2007 - 9:48 AM PDT

    Name: "Zendi"
    Home Page:

    Cupcakes! I've always wanted to try Sprinkles but somehow I knew they were overhyped and overpriced. But I hear you make great cupcakes Tara =)

  2. Monday, July 9, 2007 - 3:15 PM PDT

    Name: "Jean"
    Home Page:

    Tara -- goodness! I want to be a member of the Cupcake Club but I am so far away! Can I be a spiritual member?
    Cupcakes, sing alongs, the fun never stops! LOL

  3. Monday, July 9, 2007 - 5:07 PM PDT

    Name: "Felicia"
    Home Page:

    Those cupcakes look delicious!