Breasts: if you got them...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

For the Blog Off's third week, I have received the word prompt of "breasts" to write about. do I know that each angle that I'm thinking of taking will most likely lead me into hot water with my boyfriend ;) Probably because of these boobie related photos (1, 2) that I posted here, which didn't go over so well with him in the past and I doubt my reposting of them will either, opps, lol.

So when I told my guy this week's topic, he goes, "Oh that should be easy for you, they speak for themselves, especially since they are always OUT." Hmm, that's debatable, but me displaying my wares wasn’t always the case.

I was very self-conscious of my boobs during my middle and high school years, causing me to hide under sweatshirts and not being able to wear cute little tops that my friends were all wearing.  Being only 5'1ish made my size seem all the more unbalanced and leaving me feeling fat and ugly. 

It didn't help to have a mother who would talk about my chest in front of her girlfriends and even to the point of suggesting that I lift my shirt to show them while she questioned where I had got "them" from. I remember one time on an airplane flying somewhere, we hit turbulence and she loudly declared that if anything went wrong I could use my bra as a parachute, causing people to naturally turn around to see. 

Eventually, once I was near the end of my college years, I started feeling more comfortable with my twins (yes, I'm going to use every similar breast reference possible). Finding the right bras and minimizers to buy helped too, as did hanging out with some well-endowed friends (IE, the women in photo post 2) who encouraged me to show some cleavage and be proud of my girls. I've also lost weight since high school and my early years of college allowing me to go down a bra size thankfully. Now, I probably show my advantages a little too proudly at times, but what the hell, I can't help that I have them, I'm not going to hide them and yeah I like them now and am proud I got some oomph to me.


  1. Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 1:29 PM PDT

    Name: "Audrey"
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    http://taras mom
    I still can't figure out where you inherited those HUGE things! lol Wow, that some picture in the 2nd pic post! I guess I'm just jealous.

  2. Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 5:33 PM PDT

    Name: "Courtney"
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    Ah yes, I'm also learning to love my big chest. It can be an awful lot of fun sometimes, can't it? :)

  3. Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 6:40 PM PDT

    Name: "SL"

    I'm so happy that you've learned to love "your girls." I love them, too! :D

  4. Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 8:08 PM PDT
    Name: "Mrs Mogul"
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    I love my boobs..not too small, not too big. THANK goodness I didnt breastfeed or else they would be hanging way looowwww

  5. Friday, July 20, 2007 - 6:19 AM PDT

    Name: "april"

    Your Mom is a trip!

  6. Friday, July 20, 2007 - 8:54 AM PDT

    Name: "QueenieCarly"
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    Don't hide them, flaunt them. You got it right, girl! And I love that photo #2. What a great concept. Now, I wonder if me and my girls can get that on a camera phone?


  7. Saturday, July 21, 2007 - 12:10 PM PDT

    Name: "Kat"
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    I totally know what you mean about boobs!! Ive always had HUGE ones myself. Its funny know, I dont care what they do-bc honestly, when they're this big, they just do whatever they want! (And im suspious of my left one...its bigger i think!)

    But everyone is so concern with my boobs-or fascinated depending on the party, but I just dont care! Flaunt whatcha got love!!!

  8. Saturday, July 21, 2007 - 4:44 PM PDT

    Name: "Steve"
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    I would like to nominate this post for BLOG POST OF THE YEAR.

    Make that decade.

    Or, possibly ever.


  9. Monday, July 23, 2007 - 12:21 PM PDT

    Name: "Nathan Pralle"
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    A lovely pair you have, indeed. Be very proud!

  10. Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 9:05 AM PDT
    Name: "CT"
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    Nothing like a mammaries post to yield a jackpot of comments! You're a definite crowd-pleaser, online and off. All for a good cause, of course :)
     And I was gonna say, it sounds like Mom is envious...
    Also, something's up with your URL. Site doesn't load if you include www. part.