The Police

Sunday, June 24, 2007

55,000 people gathered Saturday night in Dodger's Stadium, but not to see a game but for The Police reunion concert and I was among the massive crowd. Staged in the outfield, the trio started with Message in a Bottle and ended with Every Breath You Take. It's amazing how many hits that they had, there's Roxanne of course which of course was accompanied by red lights, plus Don't Stand So Close to Me, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da and my favorite Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

The lasers were great and Sting sounded as good as ever, but I was disappointed that they weren't more personal. They hardly addressed the crowd, not one anecdotal or how glad they were to be here, just introduced themselves and that was it. I guess their music speaks for itself, but I expected a little more than having the audience repeat Sting's yodels.

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Despite that though, it was great seeing such a famous band again and being apart of the enthusiasm that was a full Stadium full of fans. It was also a relief to be at a popular concert that wasn't political IE U2 and Madonna. Oh and the Foo Fighters opened for them, although I only recognized one song, so instead of watching that part I read the last book, Valley of Silence, in the mystical Circle trilogy by Nora Roberts. 

And speaking of 80s music, we hit up club Twenty Twenty again for an 80s night on Friday with the Fast Times band. I did my eye makeup very David Bowie like and had my hair in a side ponytail.

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PS: This post and my LACMA one before it is mentioned in today's LA Observed

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