I like it dirty

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You know how you'll be driving behind a tractor trailer and you'll see that someone wrote something on the back of the truck in the dust and dirt? Someone did that once to my first car, a 91 Honda Accord with 167,000 miles and a dent on the side from someone kicking it. I was in college and going to the car wash wasn't on my list of priorities. So someone wrote on the back hood, "Wash me, I'm dirty." I was annoyed but didn't want to give in and wipe it away or clean my car, so I simply wrote next to it, "I like it dirty" and drove around another week like that.  

Speaking of dirt, sorry I have none to spill, but I am addicted to Courteney Cox's show on FX called Dirt. I had DVR'd the first season, but had yet to watch it past the first episode until now and I've been doing marathons of it the last few days. It's really getting good, although it does make me feel dirty like the title as if I was wrapped up in the whole Hollywood tabloid that it's about. Good acting by Courteney who looks gorgeous in it and it's been cool seeing her character become more human yet deliciously evil.

On a totally unrelated note, today is my Nanny's 88th birhday! She was born June 19, 1919. A pretty cool date, no?  I sent her flowers and chocolates. Oh and the wounds from her recent fall have healed nicely and just last week she was out with my mom at a club to hear a musician play! As she would say, God bless her. 

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