Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cause privacy is my middle name, my last name is control. No, my first name ain't baby, Its Tara... Ms. Settembre if you’re nasty.  OK, if you didn’t recognize that verse was from one of Janet Jackson’s first songs, “Nasty,” minus the Tara Settembre that is, then I guess I already lost the Blog-Off.  We’re now in the third round of the charity competition and this week’s topic is privacy.

Unlike what Jackson sings in her song, I’m not a very private person, well at least not when it comes to some things. I blog my life after all. For the last 2.5 years this site chronicles my life. One of my colleagues believes that there is a bit of exhibitionism in blogging. I guess she has a point. I like being able to write what goes on in my life here and share it with “the void.”

Heck, when living in my apt in New York, I wasn’t the type that cowered around the corners every time I needed to go out in my windowed living room  (where my bureaus were also) naked to get a different top. But in those moments I wasn’t thinking, let me show people that I’m naked, it was more like what the heck no one is looking and I can't be bothered to be shy. Sometimes I feel that way with my blog. I started off not sharing photos and leaving out details but then I found it impaired my story telling and after all who was looking, right?

Now that my readership has grown, colleagues and family are reading, I’ve been private enough not too share EVERYthing and to omit personal stuff like where exactly I live, etc, but I refuse to censor myself too much and destroy my creativity. Despite the fact that I have family members reading, I even blogged about a stimulation beverage after all, and I often post embarrassing photos of myself too.

I like sharing, I like putting myself out there, even after being burned. I refuse to loose my optimism and personality. 

However, although I might not always keep my life private, I do protect the privacy of my friends and exes ;) on my blog. You’ll notice none have ever been bashed here, just a bad date here and there explained in the past. I also ask my friends if I can post certain photos before publishing. For instance K, was totally cool with me posting this one. She's a sport and reads my blog, unlike some of my friends who rather catch the live show. But this blog is important to me and I've appreciated everyone who reads it.

PS: Below are the remaining Blog-Off contestants still on Blog Island. Originally there were 17 players and now we're down to 13. Do feel free to donate to the cause here. And yes, I arranged the links so they would look like steps. 

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