Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This week’s blog-off word is “Golden,” funny word, but I thought, Golden Globes? Golden Years? Stay golden Ponyboy like in the Outsiders? In the end, I went with 80s show The Golden Girls. You saw my t-shirt that I was wearing when I went to the Griffith Observatory, after all.

I love the show The Golden Girls, and not because I got introduced to it in reruns on Lifetime, but right from the start when the show was new and in first run episodes. I remember the show airing on Saturday nights before Empty Nest (another classic, which unfortunately can’t be found in reruns) and watching the whole lineup (remember that Nurses show too?). Anyway, my mom would sometimes watch it with me and so would my Nanny, but despite the age gap I was more a fan than they were and I was probably under or around 10-years-old. My mom would be out with friends and then have to excuse herself saying she had to get home, when they asked why she would say, I have to go home and watch Golden Girls with my daughter and they were left to wonder what was wrong with that picture.

I hear now though that there are gay and college parties with viewings of The Golden Girls, IE this ‘I am woman’ clip montage. The show is also responsible for bringing up issues like Aids, encouraging aging woman to still dress sexy and embrace their mature sexuality too.

Unlike other shows it's hard to pick a favorite character because I love each one. Sophia for her fiery spirit and Sicily stories, innocent Rose and her wacky St. Olaf tales, Blanche for her raciness and Dorothy for being the cynic, the one often made fun of and sometimes the voice of reason.

There’s this one episode where the doorbell rings and it’s after midnight and Rose asks who could that be and Dorothy responds, “I don’t know a Jehovah Witness with a caffeine problem?” lol great lines. I also think of Dorothy and Sophia dressed up as Sonny and Cher whenever I hear the real singers referenced. Oh and I can even sing Rose’s Miami song, hehe. Remember the one where they go out and buy condoms and the clerk does a price check on the loud speaker (no? look here), or when they go to a nudist hotel by mistake?

Don’t even get me started with their awesome theme song too. “Thank you for being a friend.”

I later saw Bea Arthur in her one woman Broadway show, which was amazing, she really is a good performer and had a lot of fun stories to tell. She waved at me when exiting from the stage door after the show. I then saw Rue McClanahan in the Broadway shows, “The Women” and “Wicked” too.

Videos: Golden Girls Greatest Moments; Blanche Delirum;

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