The Edison

Monday, April 2, 2007

Over the weekend we hit up The Edison in downtown LA, a two-floor bar and lounge in a converted boiler room and power plant.

Edison just opened in January and is located at 2nd and Main. There is no sign outside for the place and the entrance is actually on Harlem Place Alley, sort of hidden until you see bouncers and a red velvet rope outside. Get there before 9:30 p.m. to avoid lines.

The dress code is strict, our friend who joined separately got turned away for wearing tennis shoes, but it's worth the pretentiousness, because once you enter through huge metal gates you're transported into a time warp circa era 1920s. I had my 3 inch red heels on and a silk shirt, our friend was in a dress and Raphael had a blazer on, so luckily we didn't have a problem getting in.

The bar retained the architectural and mechanical artifacts from its history as a former private power plant. It felt like I was in the engine room of the Titanic. In some respects it reminded me of the exposed factory look of the Chelsea Market in NYC, but darker, with two big cocktail bars and Ella Fitzgerald and other music of the time playing. I enjoyed the chill and fun beats, but it didn't allow for dancing but more of a lounge social experience. There's also a pool table and sturdy leather chairs and stools.

There's also a stage where flapper girl-esque dancers come out and shimmy around for two songs each hour. Unlike a burlesque show, their clothes aren't revealing and it's a fun throw back and seemed to please the crowd. I enjoyed it too. It was a fun evening all together, check it out if you can. Here are some photos I snapped with my camera.

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