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Monday, April 30, 2007

For me at least. I tried but I died. Obviously my response to last week’s blog posting word, ‘Clarity,’ wasn’t too clear, because I have been voted off The Island, so to speak. Know what really sucks though? The next blog-off prompt word is ‘blood’ and I sooo had a great topic for that; I was going to discuss how I faint when I see blood, even from an episode of Rescue 911. My episodes when I completely thud to the ground are often comical because of the bad timing of them.

I feel like I’m riding in a taxi leaving Trump’s mansion and the camera is rolling to capture my parting lines. I of course would like to say something insightful, so ya’ll will go ‘aw she wasn’t that bad,’ and then comment on my graceful exit, but F’it you can all go… lol sooo just kidding I am glad I made it so far. Good luck everyone, I’ll be reading. Here are the remaining eight blog-offers blogging for boobs:

durante vita 
The Adventures Of Chris & Evey
Just Another Week
Speaking Quite Franke
Write On Track
With A Turn And A Twist, She Gets Her Wish  

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