A St. Patrick's Day Wedding

Sunday, March 18, 2007

For March 17th this year, I attended an Irish and Mexican wedding in El Paso, Texas for my boyfriend's nephew and his bride. It was a blast and here are some highlights that will give you a gist of the evening.

Here is Raphael modeling the groomsman's fancy green garbs.

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Here I am matching in a moss green Jones New York silk halter dress. 

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For the early dining entertainment, the couple's friends played steel drums to play some lighthearted tunes and later hired mariachis, comprised of female violinists, trumpet players and one male guitarist, singing traditional Mexican diddies.

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There was also green beer and a chocolate fountain, which I've read a lot about in articles but had yet to experience. And yum! I had marshmallows and strawberries dipped in the flowing chocolate and tried my best not to get any on me or the white linens covering the tables. Seems like a dangerous thing to have at a wedding, but I enjoyed it a lot and thankfully stayed mess free for a change.

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The dance part of the reception lasted from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and was very eclectic and featured, 80s songs, party favorites, cumbia, the cha cha, electric slide and country tunes. I held my own and boogied throughout most of it except for when it came to the country line dancing. This New Yorker had only seen such quick stepping in Urban Cowboy. There was something called four corners, slap leather, which when done by the attendees looked so well choreographed and impressive that it was like watching a scene out of High School Musical or any of those teeney prom movies where everyone starts dancing and unbelievably knows all the same moves. At one point the whole dance floor moved counterclockwise and formed what looked like a water wheel as they circled the floor. 

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