My duvet in the ring

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tyler Durden: Do you know what a duvet is?
Narrator: It's a comforter...
Tyler Durden: It's a blanket. Just a blanket.
--Fight Club (1999)

I just bought a new duvet cover from The Company Store per their Building Blocks design, but had a hell of a time getting my feathered insert inside it. I wish someone was videotaping me because it would have made for one funny YouTube clip. I literally crawled inside the covering, shifting the feather blanket down towards the end of the duvet cover while sitting on it. It was like being trapped inside a tent and wrestling with yourself. Once I got the down feather padding inside the duvet, I then tried lifting the full size bedding like you would a pillow case to make it all fall evenly, this caused me to trip and fall backwards onto the bed, my feet up in the air, encompassed by the whole thing. I went a good three rounds with the mighty duvet from Virgina, but I won in the end and it looks great in the room.

Note the photo above is one from the store catalog not my room. I wish it was, but sadly it is not. However, I have similar square shelving above the bed. I also bought L shaped shelves for the living room also via The Comapny Store, which I blogged about earlier. Anyway, the new bed spread looks good, makes the room look brighter and livelier.

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