I work out with The Rock

Friday, March 23, 2007

well not with him, in the sense that he spots me or anything (not that I even do bench weights), but he does go to my gym in Santa Monica. I saw The Rock after work yesterday stretching one of those elastic bands under his foot and extending his leg. He looked just as big as he does on the screen and was also a little sweaty. All that was missing was his trademark raised eyebrow in position, which I can also do by the way just not as severely. 

I actually wouldn't have even noticed him though if my coworker hadn't pointed him out. I played it cool and walked by him with my iPod on, since I had to anyway because the mats were behind him and I was aiming to do some crunches.  I'm not a fan of his from wrestling but I really liked him in Be Cool, so seeing him was pretty cool, especially the fact that he works out at my gym apparently.

This was my second L.A. celeb sighting since living here, the first being Sharon Lawrence. Otherwise I saw more celebs in New York, Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Shannon and Julianne Moore all lived within blocks of me afterall so I'd see them walk by every once and awhile. I even pet Liv's dog (a King Charles spaniel). Never mind the other sightings I had when covering the Tribeca Film Festival and being about town. In L.A. though, everything is so spread out, it's easier to miss seeing celebs if you're not in the industry. 

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